WFD #207: Rumble in Tucson

Been a little while, huh?

So I had an experience at a club this past weekend that really made me think so I decided to pick up this microphone and talk about it.

This is just a little insight into the mind of a comedian and how I dealt with a very abnormal circumstance.

Enjoy the therapy session.

Listen to WFD #207: Rumble in Tucson

After you listen to the podcast, watch the video here.

And here’s the audio of how I started my show:

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WFD #206: Orlando Leyba

Well it’s only been….4 months. Where’ve I been? Writing on a game show ( but now that I’m on a cruise ship again for a couple of weeks, I brought out the ole computer and did another podcast; this time with comedian Orlando Leyba (

We talked about his early career; getting started a little later in life and what he thinks about working a ship for the second time.

Thanks for listening guys, enjoy the show!

Listen to WFD #206: Orlando Leyba

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WFD #205: Roadcast with Allison Weber

Greetings from the moving vehicle. This week I’m sitting in my car while comedian and my wife, Allison Weber ( drives. We are in the middle of a tour and decided to have a little roadcast.

This week we talk about a bit about our relationship and ways of looking at our lives. Kind of a personal one, but always fun.


Listen to WFD #205: Roadcast with Allison Weber

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WFD #204: Ben Michaels, pt. 2

Welcome back to the second part of my chat with dueling piano player Ben Michaels (

We pick up where we left off as Ben tells us about his first foray into dueling and how the whole “dueling piano” concept was first thought up.


Listen to WFD #204: Ben Michaels, pt. 2

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WFD #203: Ben Michaels, pt. 1

Hey kids, welcome to another WFD.

This week I’m with dueling piano player and buddy, Ben Michaels ( This talk was so much fun that I spread it into 2 different episodes.

This week we talk about how he got started in music and dueling. And our days as south Florida boys.


Listen to WFD #203: Ben Michaels, pt. 1

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WFD #202: Brandon Kent

Hey kids, welcome to the shizz-oh! (that’s street for show)

I’m back on the high seas with my buddy and dueling piano player, Brandon Kent ( We’re sitting here in the cabin talking about the life of a traveling entertainer, differences between audiences on the ship and on land AND I come up with a brand new, never before heard “toast” that Brandon will try tonight!


Listen to WFD #202: Brandon Kent

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WFD #201: The Couples of Comedy (Roadcast)

Greetings from Germany! Seriously, I’m in Germany now on the Couples of Comedy Tour right now with my lovely wife Allison Weber and comedy couple Rebekah Kochan & Dante.

So far we’ve been to 5 different countries and still have 3 more to go…and it’s been unreal. We’re recording on our tour bus (thankfully we got all the plane rides out of the way first; 16 flights in 15 days. One word “Oy”) as we drive through the German countryside.

On the show we talk about the tour, what we’ve done and seen and what’s it like to tour with each other. Hopefully we can record at least one more before the tour ends.


Listen to WFD #201: The Couples of Comedy (Roadcast)






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