WFD #2 – David Nickerson

Wow, we’ve got our second show! Now it’s a series! Woo-Hoo!

On this second episode, David & I discuss (among other things): Clown porn, Joe Paterno, comedy (of course), Rupaul (and a certain part of her body) & mad libs.

PLUS we record in front of a live, living room audience!

Listen to WFD #2 – David Nickerson


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4 Responses to WFD #2 – David Nickerson

  1. marty says:

    If you want some simple advise on how to get a better recording quality for cheap….M-audio soundcard…a few cheap art tube preamps and some EV cardinal mics or Shure SM57’s…pop filters and a room that has carpets and stuff to cut down the acoustics.

    • flipschultz says:

      Yeah, I’m still messing with the sound issues; please be patient. Hopefully by the time I come back from my tour (where I’ll be using my Ipad for recording), the sound issues will be gone.

      Thanks for listening.

  2. David McD says:

    Pantswise, this could be a great podcast. David is really muffled and there’s a lot of hiss. The content is great and it’s funny. Keep it comin’, Flipperson.

    • flipschultz says:

      Yeah, I know about David’s sound. We tried doing this taping in my living room (for comfort), but I didn’t realize all the ambient sound that was coming in. The next few should be interesting; they’ll be from Sweden and I’ll be recording on my Ipad. Cross your fingers.

      Thanks for the nice words though! And please, if you can, make some on iTunes as well. 🙂

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