WFD #5 – Thanks Scandinavia!

Sorry for the delay in bringing you this, podcast #5, of What’s For Dinner.

This week I’m all by myself as I recap my Scandinavian Tour which wraps up tonight.  I also open up a little about my “unofficial” ADD, a little conflict I had with another comic and the shitty weather here in Norway.

Enjoy and please review.  🙂  Thanks!

Listen to WFD #5 – Thanks Scandinavia!


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2 Responses to WFD #5 – Thanks Scandinavia!

  1. Graham says:

    Great shows. Great guests. The favorites of all the podcasts I listen to are the ones with Flip Schultz as a guest. So I’m really happy to have ‘What’s for Dinner’ in the lineup. Fantastic!
    Always checking for the next episode.
    Big fan in Saskatchewan.

    • flipschultz says:

      Thanks so much Graham! I really appreciate it.

      I’m still tweaking with the shows & (sadly) the technical end. So some of the shows sound quality might suck; again, still figuring that end out.

      But, again, thanks for all the support!


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