WFD #6 – Saleem

Hey all, hope these last few days of February are winding up on a happy note.

This week I am back in LA and I sit in the studio/my apartment with my friend & comic Saleem.  Also with me is comedianne Lauren Kirshner & my lovely wife, Allison.  This podcast really goes into a more spiritual & existential place; the serious side of life and not so much to the comedic side.

ALSO, I have to apologize once again for the technical end of this podcast.  I’m still figuring out that side of it (I am my own producer & mixer, so there’s alot going on that I miss) so the sound on this is, what the French might call, Shittay.

Again, I’m working hard on this and I really do appreciate the support and patience.  Now enjoy!!!

…and listen at the end as Saleem belts out some karaoke live from our karaoke studio/living room!

Listen to WFD #6 – Saleem


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