WFD #13 – Joey Medina

Hello my fine funky friends. Welcome to lucky #13 of the “What’s For Dinner” Podcast family.

This week I sit with my old comedy buddy, Joey Medina. He’s one of my best buds in the biz and this podcast starts off on a really dirty subject…we then “swing” into other topics but eventually (as usually the case with me), things go dirty again.

Allison Weber is also on hand to throw in a female perspective on all things dirty.

Oh yeah…the audio on this one is a bit crap-pay. Again, I’m still figuring the technical end of this out. Shit, I swear I feel like my I’m the Lakers a few years back during the play offs because I keep repeating myself.

Please enjoy it despite the audio, and if you feel up to it, leave a comment on iTunes or the site. I’m going to try to get this up on sticher as well. 🙂

Thanks again my friends!

Listen to WFD #13 – Joey Medina


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