WFD #18 – Clownvis Presley

Happy summertime everyone!  Don’t know if “summmertime” would be considered a holiday or even an occassion to say “happy”, but I don’t care.  Happy summertime!

Sorry that this podcast is a day late being uploaded; I was detained whilst on vacation with my family.  But I think that this show is worth the extra day wait.  This week the incomporable CLOWNVIS PRESLEY ( drops by the studio/living room.  If you don’t know Clownvis, you’re missing out.  The only word for his act is “uniquely amazing!”

We chat about his humble beginnings, the many children’s birthday parties he plays and…well…let’s just say that this show has some weird moments, and leave it at that.

As usual, Allison is on hand to add her 2 cents and Skippy Greene reunites with Clownvis as they share some old stories.  Skippy & Clownvis (along with Bunny Love) are now touring as ‘The Cracked Pack’ (; a show not to be missed.

Thanks so much guys; enjoy the show.  And hey…a nice comment from you would always make me smile…here’s a preview: 🙂

Listen to WFD #18 – Clownvis Presley


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