WFD #19 – Sorry no podcast, but you get a BONUS!

Hi guys, well, as you will hear on this episode, this won’t be a regular podcast because I’m on vacation and couldn’t interview someone before the Tuesday deadline…man, now I know how a newspaper reporter feels under pressure.

For those young listeners out there, a newspaper is a way of getting information that has nothing to do with the internet.

So there isn’t an interview this week, but I am giving you a recording of a recent comedy show I did in Ft. Pierce, FL. It was, surprisingly, a lot of fun. I say ‘surprisingly’ because almost half of the audience were over 50, and sometimes they aren’t as receptive to my comedy (and Allison’s, who also performed). But this time they were amazing. So you’ll hear some classic comedy bits, some brand new ones and Allison and my “love duet”.

I’m planning for a new interview next week, so check back next Tuesday.

As always, thanks for listening and subscribing.

Listen to WFD #19 – Sorry no podcast, but you get a BONUS!


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