WFD #20 – Stuart Schultz (my Dad)

Welcome to another episode my friends. I’ve reached lucky number 20! Amazing. One more episode and WHAT’S FOR DINNER can officially drink!

Today my guest is someone who I (literally) owe my life to; my father Stuart. Since I’m still in Florida, I thought it would be fun to interview my dad and ask him about life, love and what he REALLY thinks about me.

It was really a fun time to just shot the shit with my Pop and be silly & serious. I hope you guys have as great a relationship with your dad as I have with mine.

Skippy Greene shows up, you get to hear a message that “Weird Al” sent to me a LONG time ago and you learn what Allison & my first words were to each other.  SPOILER: It involves Skippy.

Thanks again my friends and don’t forget to leave a comment if you feel so inclined (…or if you feel declined…or if you feel reclined…or if you just feel clined) and enjoy, what I am calling, my POPcast.

Listen to WFD #20 – Stuart Schultz (my Dad)


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2 Responses to WFD #20 – Stuart Schultz (my Dad)

  1. P.C. Cullen says:

    I have only one word to describe this POPcast… Wonderful. All kidding aside, this is a timeless anecdote of an hilarious and loving family. Stuart Schultz is a GEM… give that man a microphone any day and he will OUT SHINE YOU ALL!
    I would have paid to hear this.

  2. flipschultz says:

    I really appreciate that, I’ll pass it along to Stu…although he probably doesn’t remember he did it. 🙂

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