WFD #23 – Craig Moss

Hi kids, welcome to a new What’s For Dinner podcast. This week I get up close and personal with film director Craig Moss ( You might know Craig’s work as one of the most sought after “film spoof” directors out there (“The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sara Marshall And Felt Superbad About It”, “Breaking Wind”), plus he directed the epically cool Danny Trejo movie, “Bad Ass”.

Craig and I sit in the studio/living room & discuss, among other things, his process of directing, how he got started and how he and I first met which lead to my working with him in TWO different films!…and yet with how close we are now, I still managed to call him by the wrong name.


Allison & Skippy drop by to wrap things up in a nice little bow. Enjoy!

Listen to WFD #23 – Craig Moss


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