WFD #24 – Cole Parker

It’s Tuesday; that means one thing…well, more than ONE I guess. It could mean that it’s still early in the week, or it could be that a movie will open today as opposed to Saturday…whatever. Neither of those are the ‘one thing’ that I was meaning.

Of course I’m talking about a new episode of the “What’s For Dinner” podcast is here!

This week I’ve got my friend and comic from the UK, Cole Parker ( in the studio/living room.

I’ll be honest, this show we didn’t talk too much comedy; it was more philosophical as we talked about religion (and how is differs here than in the UK), some dark topics (and some dark comedy) and a very funny (and awkwardly true) story about Cole’s daughter.

So sit back and enjoy the episode…and try not to cringe at certain parts. 🙂

As always, thanks for the love and I’d love to hear your comments.

WFD #24 – Cole Parker


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