WFD #34 – Adam Richmond

Hey guys, sorry for the late upload; got sick tracked by some traveling.

Which reminds me, much thanks to Calgary for a great week & a very special thank you to WFD listeners Chris & Andrew for coming to the show.

This week I sit in the studio/living room with Adam Richmond ( We have a lot of fun this week talking about pure comedy thoughts to pure silliness (mime conventions, frozen grapes, the size of my penis)

Allison & Skippy are here as well.

And like last week, there were some glitches in the recording, so I had to do some editing. Sorry for any quick cuts.

We should be moving to a full network within the next few weeks…and we’re going to be moving to a new day; Wednesday.

See ya soon kids, and thanks again for the love.

Listen to WFD #34: Adam Richmond


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