WFD #37 – Susanna Lee (aka Lucky Deluxe)

…hands so weak…can barely type….too much turkey. I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving (or Thursday, for those of you not in the US), full of turkey, stuffing and whatnot…whatnot being fruit cake.

This week I’m here with Susanna Lee, aka Lucky Deluxe ( an old comedy friend and burlesque performer. We talk a bit about comedy, death and she tells an amazingly awkward story about Ron Jeremy…and believe it or not, it does include his penis, but then again, what doesn’t?

Allison and Skippy are here as well, enjoy it people!

Listen to WFD #37: Susanna Lee (aka Lucky Deluxe)


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1 Response to WFD #37 – Susanna Lee (aka Lucky Deluxe)

  1. P.C. Cullen says:

    Like ’em… Love ’em… Lick ’em and never Leave ’em… What’s for Dinner Podcast will keep you hungry for more… And if you’re too full from Thanksgiving you can always purge the past over this week’s Ron Jeremy story. CROCS!

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