WFD #38 – Skippy Simon

Folks, I hope you’re ready for a silly freagin’ show! This week my buddy Skippy Simon returns to the studio/living room for a rather impromptu show.

Allison & Skippy are a bit “medicated” as the show opens. We talk about some fun stuff, some serious stuff and all the stuff in between.

Then Skippy and I leave for a few hours…and return to finish the show. This time, however, I’m a bit on the wrecked side myself. It starts out a little weird and then, well…all I’ll say is “Bill Cosby as a cast member of Scooby Doo” and leave it at that.

Skippy Greene shows up and we end the show with the gayest thing you’ve heard.


Listen to WFD #38: Skippy Simon


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