WFD #39 – …In Bed

Won’t lie to you, this, our 39th episode (holy shit!) is a lazy one.

This week, as a last minute thing, Allison & I (who are both feeling like shit) did the podcast from our bed. That’s right, it’s a good ole fashioned “Podcast-In”.

We chatted a bit about Dec. 21 and what we’d do if we knew we had one day left, we also googled a few things (and no, that wasn’t meant in a dirty way) and found out that I’m a bit above average. 🙂

Plus I included a special Christmas song from Skippy Greene! Enjoy!!!

Listen to WFD 39: …In Bed


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1 Response to WFD #39 – …In Bed

  1. P.C. Cullen says:

    Listen up all you Hip-Popping-Thrusting-Bone-Bruisers out there… The Schultz’s know how to successfully hit the spot without a visit to the chiropractor! BANG!

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