WFD #43 – Bernie Schultz (my Mom)

Welcome to the first new What’s For Dinner of 2013! How’s this year starting out for you? Pretty good, I hope.

This week, since I’m still in Florida, I sit down with (technically) my first landlord…that would be my mother, Bernie Schultz.

My mom was a really fun person to talk to; we discussed some serious topics like education (she’s a teacher) & her alternate ambitions, but we also got silly when my mom tried to tell a joke…surprisingly it took her a few tries.

She also learned a little story from my childhood that (somehow) remained a secret to her. The only thing I’ll say about that is “shitting in a pool”, and leave it at that.

So enjoy this little trip down memory lane.

….and don’t forget, in one week MY MOVIE COMES OUT!!!

Listen to WFD #43: Bernie Schultz (my Mom)


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