WFD #47: Me & Allison (Sick in Bed)

Welcome to another “bed”cast as Allison & I record directly from our bed…because I’m sick. 😦

I actually set up our whole system just to make a new show for all of you; that’s how much I love ya! It should be no surprise that our discussion starts off on sex and our marriage…but we then drift into other silly topics…and eventually go back to sex.

And since Skippy Greene couldn’t be here this week (coincidentally, he’s sick as well), we welcome his sister, Sloppy Greene. Enjoy!

Listen to WFD 47: Me & Allison (Sick in Bed)


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1 Response to WFD #47: Me & Allison (Sick in Bed)

  1. PC Cullen says:

    When you already have the catch of a lifetime… is fishin’ in another kitchen really worth catching leftover crab???

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