WFD #54: Jill-Michele Meleán

Greetings & salutations from Happy Harry Hard-On…sorry, had a “Heathers/Pump Up The Volume” flashback. Let’s get to the show, shall we…

This week I sit with comedianne (and all around awesome lady) Jill-Michele Meleán ( We talk about many different topics ranging from Chuck-E-Cheese Pizza to comedy to jealousy to getting some “road poon”. And, not many know this, but Allison and I met on one of Jilly’s show…so I have her to blame. 🙂

Allison and Skippy are present and accounted for, so no more dilly-dallying…enjoy the show.

Listen to WFD #54: Jill-Michele Meleán

PS-Those downloading this in iTunes will notice a snappy new logo. You like???


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