WFD #60: Me & Allison

EPISODE 60!!!! Wow, I can’t believe that. I need to thank you all for listening and supporting; it means more than you all know.

On this episode, Allison and I are the studio/living room and we talk mainly about fears. I start by mentioning how I am making some changes in my career, and by doing so conquered a (sorta) fear I’ve had. Then we talk about how I overcame my fears of scary movies…yes, I’m a pussy. And Allison talks about what her fears are.

Then things got weird for a second as I was a total dick and forgot an amazing thing that just happened for Allison…but we get past it.

There’s a small glitch at the top of the show…sorry ’bout that. 🙂 Then again, after 60 episodes, would you expect anything else?


Listen to WFD #60: Me & Allison


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