WFD #75: David Gee

Get your motor running…cause this week (on our 75th show!!) we are broadcasting from my car! That’s right, What’s For Dinner has gone mo-bile.

This week Allison and I are driving back home after my week in Vegas, and comedian David Gee ( came along for the ride. So we figured, hey, what better way to kill some time then to do a podcast…incidentally, Allison is driving so don’t think that I’m holding a microphone, driving a car and being charming as hell all at once. 🙂

David is a 30+ year veteran of comedy and it was a real treat to talk old school comedy, the many shows he had done and his stories of meeting many classic comedians, including Groucho Marx.

Oh yeah, Skippy is here too, did I forget to mention that? Sorry. Enjoy!

Listen to WFD #75: David Gee


David, Kevin Pollack, me & Allison after our week in Vegas.


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