WFD #89: Phil Varone & Anal Addy

WFD 89: WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!!!!! Do NOT listen to this episode at work (unless you’re wearing headphones), do NOT listen to this with kids in the room and DO NOT listen if you’re embarrassed about sex.

In case you can’t tell, things get really, really sexual on this episode as our friend and adult film actor/producer/director Phil Varone returns ( As if nothing could top Phil’s last visit, this time we talk about porn, sexual escapades, we watch clips from Gene Simmons sex tape (yes, there really is one) and from (yes, that’s a real website & yes, it is exactly what it sounds like…and it’s HILARIOUS!).

Phil also brought along a friend, Anal Addy, who has her own podcast, and she tells an (alleged) true story about what a celebrity said while getting “serviced”. Again, it’s alleged…because I don’t want to be sued.

Allison & Skippy are here as well.

So plug in your headphones, leave your prudishness at the door and enjoy.

** Again, just to be sure, this episode is VERY graphic **

Listen to WFD #89: Phil Varone & Anal Addy


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