WFD #98: Patrick Keane

Ahoy mateys, this week I am coming to you from the Norwegian GETAWAY, a cruise ship where I am working…well, sort of, as the boat was docked for 5 days in NY for the Superbowl – side note – Sorry Denver.

This week I’m talking to one of the other comics on board, Patrick Keane ( We are set up in the library on the ship; how studious, no? Topics on today’s show range from: comedy influences, dating comedians, “why we do this”, Woody Allen & cruise ship audiences.

Skippy Greene drops by too, he’s done a lot of cruises before. As he’s said, “I was on the Titanic fooling around with Molly Brown. Unsinkable my ass, that chick went down A LOT!” Enjoy!

Listen to WFD #98: Patrick Keane


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