WFD #150: Sean-Paul

“150 episodes!? Are you serious??” I said to myself. “Yes I am!”, I yelled back to myself.

Hey guys, welcome to the show. This week I’m back on the Norwegian Getaway talking with mentalist Sean-Paul ( Sean-Paul is part of the Illusionarium show on the ship and he (and his partner Julianna) are amazing.

Sean-Paul and I discuss how he got into mentalism, what it’s like performing for less than stellar crowds, how he met his partner and a show that they do when they’re not on the ship. It’s really a fun, interesting episode…and that background noise you hear at the beginning of the show; well we’re in a green room while the beginnings of an art auction start in the main room.

Oh ship life.


Listen to WFD #150: Sean-Paul


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