WFD #201: The Couples of Comedy (Roadcast)

Greetings from Germany! Seriously, I’m in Germany now on the Couples of Comedy Tour right now with my lovely wife Allison Weber and comedy couple Rebekah Kochan & Dante.

So far we’ve been to 5 different countries and still have 3 more to go…and it’s been unreal. We’re recording on our tour bus (thankfully we got all the plane rides out of the way first; 16 flights in 15 days. One word “Oy”) as we drive through the German countryside.

On the show we talk about the tour, what we’ve done and seen and what’s it like to tour with each other. Hopefully we can record at least one more before the tour ends.


Listen to WFD #201: The Couples of Comedy (Roadcast)







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