WFD #193: What’s Johnny K Having For Dinner?

Well this is a first people…this week I am co-producing a podcast with dueling piano player (from right here on the Norwegian Escape) Johnny K ( Johnny has his own podcast, “The JohnnyK Podcast”, and so we decided to do one podcast for both shows. Hence the title of this episode.

Topics include how I started comedy, similarities with duelers and comics & other randomness. Special appearance by Brandon Kent!


Listen to WFD #193: What’s Johnny K Having For Dinner?



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WFD #192: Mark Klein

Hey kids, I’m coming to you from aboard the Norwegian Escape this week and I’m talking to fellow comedian (and joke encyclopedia) Mark Klein (
This week we talk about street jokes, Mark’s passion for horse racing and Mark’s extended answer Skippy Greene’s question.


Listen to WFD #192: Mark Klein

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WFD #191: Carl LaBove

Here I am at the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival here in Asheville, NC. Great time, great laughs and great comics. One of which Allison and I are hanging with on the show, Carl LaBove (

Carl is a long-time comedian, road dog and original Houston “Outlaws of Comedy” (alumni included Bill Hicks & Sam Kinison). Carl shared some amazing stories about Sam, Robin Williams and his own insane comedic journey.



Listen to WFD #191: Carl LaBove

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WFD #190: Drew Marks

Hey kids, hope you’re not listening at work because this show is definitely NSFW.

I’m joined by my buddy, comedian and semi-retired adult “entertainment” star, Drew Marks ( This episode is primarily about Drew and his most recent encounter with a lady he met online and their foray into webcasting their “meeting”. All I have to say is “Long live Leonard Moosecake!”

And don’t forget my new CD #Flipzophrenic and comedy special #Supersillyous are now available for purchase from my website:

cover DVD pic


Listen to WFD #190: Drew Marks


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WFD #189: Vincent Oshana

Hey kids, welcome to the ant-factory. Started recording this show and realized that the studio/office has a little ant problem. Lovely.

This week myself and Allison are sitting with comedian Vincent Oshana ( and we’re having a great time. Topics shift from government conspiracies and Kardashian bullsh!t to capturing Jewish aunts and throwing semen filled socks at people. Yup.

And today’s also a big day because my new CD “FLIPZOPRHENIC” is now available for purchase on iTunes:, Amazon: or a physical CD from my website.





Listen to WFD #189: Vincent Oshana


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WFD #188: Jimmy Brogan pt. 2

Hey kids, I’m coming atcha once again from the high seas…no, I’m not smoking pot on a dingy, I’m working on the Norwegian Getaway…no comment on whether I’m stoned though.

This week we continue our conversation with Jimmy Brogan ( We talk about comedy some more including tales of our worst gigs and stories about Carlin.


Listen to WFD #188: Jimmy Brogan pt. 2


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WFD #187: Jimmy Brogan pt. 1

This week is a fun one kids, I’m sitting in the studio/office with Jimmy Brogan ( Jimmy has been around since the 70’s and is still as funny and relevant he’s ever been.

On part 1 we talk about his career including stories about writing with Leno, early comedy gigs and appearing on the Tonight Show with CARSON! F**KING CARSON!!!


Listen to WFD #188: Jimmy Brogan pt. 1


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